COSE's role is to create a network of resources available to you. 

Below are three ways in which COSE can help you with your business needs and questions. 

The COSE Resource Network

COSE’s Small Business Investor members not only are experts in what they do, but they are also committed to helping other small business owners achieve success. Reach out to one of the COSE Experts for help and support and potentially build a relationship that can support your business and its success.

Event and Networking Opportunities

COSE Events give you the opportunity to connect with like-minded business owners while also taking away valuable and actionable insights from community leaders.

Membership Directory

Sometimes you just need to find someone local that can help meet your needs! Search the COSE Membership Directory to connect with other small business owners to obtain their services, seek their input or talk to about doing business with you.

COSE has a variety of resources to help you
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