About COSE

COSE (Council of Smaller Enterprises) is one of the largest small business organizations in the country committed to empowering small business success through a series of programs, services, events, and resources that support entrepreneurs, their businesses, and their employees. COSE helps small businesses achieve their idea of success in order to build richer, more vibrant communities that improve the economic climate and enhance quality of life.

COSE delivers on its mission to the small business community and organizations that support the small business community through the following shared values:


Expanding the small business peer network to create new opportunities.

Decreasing the six degrees of separation is critical to building a well-networked small business community that truly thrives. When small business owners spark new connections through COSE, they are introduced to new opportunities to build relationships – and their businesses.


Increasing insights to improve business understandings and resources.

Small business owners wear multiple hats on any given day, from accounting to sales to customer service. Success requires the ability to understand what’s working by expanding knowledge at all levels.  Whether through a specific educational event or industry-wide small business studies, COSE equips small business and partners with timely and useful information. 


Providing valuable resources for your business and employees.

Small business budgets are squeezed in a variety of ways, compromising cash flow and limiting opportunities to build capacity. This reality makes COSE offerings essential. Whether it’s direct from COSE or through strategic alliances with partner organizations that share COSE values, small business owners have access to programs and services that save money and enhance operational efficiencies. 


Influencing change to benefit the small business community.

While many COSE activities are designed to make an immediate impact on individual small businesses, COSE advocacy work advances small business policy and interests at the local, regional and national level. Drawing from 40 years of experience representing the voice of the small business owner, these nonpartisan efforts are deeply influential to ensure the long-term vibrancy of the community as a whole.

You can learn more about COSE at www.cose.org or contacting one of our small business concierges at 866-553-5427.

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