Bob Pacanovsky

Bob Pacanovsky

Keynote Speaker/Trainer, Black Tie Experience

25 National Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction Parties!

2016 Republican National Convention Support Business Training!

7,000 Meetings and Events!

Impressed? Why? Because Bob Pacanovsky, Keynote Speaker/Facilitator/Trainer delivered The Black Tie Experience to all of these clients.

Everyone wants The Black Tie Experience—leaders, employees, customers and clients. They want personal, powerful and memorable experiences. Bob’s motivating presentations show audiences how to transform the “just good enough” mindset into The Black Tie Experience every single day.

For over 12 years as a speaker,trainerandconsultant, Bob has helped employers and employees learn how to become more aware of their company culture and more engaged with their customers by implementing 5-star behaviors.

Bob trains companies on how to harness and leverage the power of the:

  • Black Tie Customer Experience

  • Black Tie Leadership Experience

  • Black Tie Etiquette Experience

An entrepreneur for over 20 years, primarily in the hospitality industry, Bob and his team had only one opportunity to create both a wow experience and a lasting impression. As a keynote speaker and trainer, Bob combines business principles with first-hand experience (the good, bad and ugly) to present strategies and tips to create customers who are loyal, raving fans, lower employee turnover and improve organization profitability and performance.

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