Brendan Hickey

Brendan Hickey

Director of Business Development, Solupay

Consultation Contact:

"Brendan Hickey takes the smoke and mirrors out of merchant processing and brings a transparent approach to the industry. As a professional in the payments business, he functions as a trusted adviser to his clients by offering services to accept check, gift card and credit card payments. He works regularly with more advanced technologies to decrease fraud, prevent chargebacks and increase security through encryption or tokenization. Having been with Solupay Processing for several years, Brendan has experience with transactions in the retail, wholesale, e-commerce, government and mobile spaces. His primary goal when working with a client is to ensure a smooth long term relationship."

Company Information
The founders of Solupay Processing Systems (SPS) have been in the national and mid-market credit card processing business since 1994. Our principals have a combined 40 years of industry experience and have consulted, converted and serviced some of the largest merchants in the nation.

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