Chris Hatala

Chris Hatala

Event Director/Final Boss, Games Done Legit

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Growing up, Chris was an unpopular, short, smart, nerdy kid, complete with Coke-bottle glasses and an unmanageable head of hair. But after school, none of that mattered

Throughvideogames, Chris learned to set goals, overcome challenges, experience new worlds, and make friends who didn't care what you looked like.

Asvideogamingbecame a bigger part of his life, Chris realized his story was not unique: for generations now, gaming has had a profoundly positive effect on our lives.

Chris started Games Done Legit to share that joy with everyone, as more and more studies show the power of play benefits us both at work and at home.

And thanks to Virtual Reality & emerging technologies, we're continually finding new ways technology can help us communicate, learn, and experience what life has to offer.

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