Diane Helbig

Diane Helbig

President, Seize This Day

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Diane Helbig is an international business and leadership change agent, author, speaker, and radio show host. As president of Seize This Day, Diane helps businesses and organizations operate more constructively and profitably.

As a speaker and workshop facilitator Diane merges energy and enthusiasm with rich content. Her goal is to leave her audience with actionable steps as well as the excitement to implement those steps. Diane has expertise in small business, sales, social media, networking, and leadership. She brings over 20 years of small business management and sales to her coaching.

Diane is the author of Lemonade Stand Selling and Expert Insights, and the host of Accelerate Your Business Growth Radio show. She is also a Solution Provider and Authorized Local Expert for Constant Contact. Diane is the creator of the Clarity of Course Sales Training Program as well.

Diane is a Council of Smaller Enterprises board member, Member of the NSBA Leadership Council, and a member of the Advisory Board for the American Institute of Sales, Marketing and Management.

Diane’s work can be seen in Cleveland Women’s Journal, Top Sales World, www.middlemarketcenter.org, www.smallbiztrends.com, www.gybcle.om/dianehelbig, and NE Ohio BizTV Shows.

Company Information
Sales, Systems, and Strategies are pillars of business success. I work with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and salespeople, helping them create strategies that result in business success. Whether you are looking for an accountability partner, sales training, or executive coaching, I have a program for you! Together we will explore the possibilities and realize results. I also conduct workshops and seminars in the areas of business and sales. Looking for a speaker for your next event?

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