Robert (Bob) Drusendahl

Robert (Bob) Drusendahl

President, Pre-Check

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For over 20 years, The Pre-Check has been a recognized leader in quality background checks. Our motto is, “Helping You Hire the Best!” We support over 350 clients from San Mateo, CA to Woonsocket, RI. There is a broad base of clients which include manufacturing, healthcare, education, plus many technologies and financial service organizations.

Pre-Check’s systems are designed into repeatable processes where our operations can provide uniform quality results for our clients. Our total focus centers on enhancing the customer’s experience, generating profits, and reducing costs. Any activity that is performed must fit into one of those categories, or we do not do it.

Over the past few years, we have evolved from a background screening company into a brave new world of being a Human Resource Administrative Services Organization. We can provide many of the multifaceted functions of Human Resources such as assisting with talent acquisition, E-Verify, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, federal and state funding for new employees, the Ohio Passages program for the State of Ohio, and many other services that our clients request.

We now have the ability to manage entire recruiting programs for organizations. Through the development of our own applicant tracking system, Pre-Select, we are able to begin with the sourcing of ads for job applications through the onboarding of the new hires, with the future ability to enter the new hires into payroll systems. All of the routine aspects of recruiting, administration, and compliance can be performed through Pre-Select.

Pre-Check's total focus centers on enhancing the customer's experience, generating profits, and reducing costs.

We look forward to working with you and "Helping You Hire the Best!"

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