Sunny Lurie

Sunny Lurie

Performance & Wellbeing Advisor, CEO, Advanced Performance, Inc.

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Sunny Klein Lurie, PhD., is CEO of Advanced Performance, Inc. and the division Fast Focus Careers. She has a rich background in performance improvement consulting, working with Key Bank, CWRU and private clients for two decades. Lurie’s deep commitment to the wellbeing of employees and her proven strategies help organizations build strong employee engagement.

Lurie is the author of a national career success book; she publishes broadly in national business journals and has been featured on ABC, NBC and other media programs. Lurie has served on several boards, including the American Society for Training and Development; National Association of Women Business Owners and various COSE committees. Lurie has a Bachelors degree from The University of Texas, a Master’s in Post Secondary Education from Cleveland State University and earned a doctorate in Organizational Systems from The Fielding Graduate Institute, CA. Lurie is a prominent speaker on topics relating to best practices for heightening work performance.

Company Information

Advanced Performance offers training, consulting and assessment services. We help organizations foster a culture of wellbeing to maximize performance, attract and retain talent, and reduce health related costs.

For high-impact business results, our team focuses on five key areas of mental and physical wellbeing: Occupational, Intellectual, Social, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing. Research shows when companies touch all five areas, workers and organizations thrive. Today’s companies are placing more importance on wellbeing as a critical and proven driver of performance.

Our experts work closely with clients to provide clear-cut solutions that best fit their organization. The scope of our work varies as needed from small to large strategic initiatives.

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