Thomas Scully

Thomas Scully

President, Sandler Training

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A nationally sought-after sales trainer, conference and keynote speaker, Tom Scully keeps his audiences on their toes with his dynamic approach to the professional world of sales. As he articulately addresses the issue of sales strategies, sales management skills and selling behavior, he offers compelling insight into behavior modification. Tom has worked closely with presidents, owners and sales managers of growing companies in the process of upgrading sales forces through his ground breaking work in evaluating, training and constantly improving performance. At the Sandler Training Center, Tom and his staff of expert trainers offer a format of on-going reinforcement workshops, along with personal coaching and counseling sessions to clients.

Tom has been featured in countless business periodicals for his success in non-traditional training. Over the years he has worked with hundreds of individuals and companies. The Sandler Training Center, a business development, sales, management and customer service training and consulting firm, was co-founded in 1993 with his wife Paula. The concept is the result of Tom’s dedication to the development of understanding, commitment, growth and competence for clients ranging from individual sales people to Fortune 500 corporations. Sandler Training Center is an authorized affiliate of Sandler Training, an international sales training and management-consulting firm.

Tom Scully, president of Sandler Training Center, is a graduate of Kent State University with a degree in communications. He has nearly 40 years’ experience in the sales profession, developing a formidable background in both sales and sales team management.

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